Impact Solutions | Marketing
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Marketing and Recruitment for you!


We are able to assist you with your recruitment and marketing strategy on behalf on your organisation.

We can also assist with direct marketing both on-shore and off-shore with your programs, projects and partners.

We effectively position your brand in the marketplace and then develop associated marketing strategies to ensure success. We can also manage the creative process with you to ensure consistency, cost and time efficiencies.

Together we define the strategy, then if required, we have a collection of best of breed creative suppliers who will all compete for your work. We can consult or manage this process dependent on your needs.

We believe you have to be impartial to deliver a strategy that is right for you, rather than a strategy that just fits what executional capability the agency has. A strategy that ensures your brand will mean something to people and prospective clients and partners.

We focus on your customer!

Market Psychology!

Smart marketing is not about forcing your product/service down the throat of anyone you get hold of. It’s about finding the right people, the ones that will become raving fans.

We can assist you to discover the psychology of your partners and clients and how you can tap into their emotions.

we can also assist you will with techniques to reach your market more effectively, so that your promotions have a bigger impact and increased response rates.

In today’s economy we must stand out – be different to be attractive and irresistible to your prospects. You cannot leave this to chance. This and relationship building needs preparation – this is where we fit in!